The Solution

Websites are the end result of a combination of servers, networks, visitors’ workstations, and other electricity-powered devices. All of them are mostly powered by non-renewable polluting “brown” electricity, which is one of the major causes of global warming.

On your behalf, Greenscroll invests into green renewable energy projects, thus increasing the supply of green energy and therefore decreasing demand for polluting non-renewable sources. In other words, we pump green energy into the grid to power your website. As a result, your web presence becomes environmentally friendly, while your footprint is virtually reduced to zero — and visitors will recognize that fact by the Greenscroll certificate on your site.

Easy to make a difference: With just a few clicks, you can virtually reduce the environmental footprint of your website to zero.

Non-profit: We chose to go the non-profit route because we see our main priority as fighting climate change, not profiting from it.

Community driven: Fighting climate change is a huge task, and we can only do it with the help of you, the community. For example, in an open and transparent way, we want your input on where the pledges should be invested to achieve the maximum benefits. Please have your say HERE and let’s also get the conversation going on Twitter.

Green hosting

We are supporters of green hosting but understand it can be difficult to move your website to a quality and eco-friendly hosting company. If you can — great! — but bear in mind that is not the end of the story … things like networks and visitors’ devices are still drawing brown power. Our goal is to reduce the environmental footprint of the virtual world as much as possible. We have also found for you a great comparison chart of green hosting companies

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